Time for a much needed update!Well, unfortunately, the Winnipeg Froster team was out of commission for the past week due to some technical difficulties with Fran the Froster Van (oh yes, Veronica and I definitely named our van Fran). But she's up and running now, so we are back at stopping by parks and events all over the fabulous province of Manitoba.Before Fran decided she needed a bit of break, V and I paid Shaw Park a visit for a Hit Run & Throw skills competition for kids. We were so busy! There was a great turn out and I was amazed at how many aspiring ball players we have in this city!I think we also may have Frosterized a couple of the Goldeyes players!The day that Fran decided to quit on V and I, we were at the City TV Kids Day event at The Forks - which was awesome! There was so much going on and we had a great time hanging out with the City TV crew and the team from Clear FM. It was a ridiculous hot and gorgeous day - V and I definitely worked our tails off!Anyway, hopefully Fran is done with being stubborn and it's smooth sailing for the few weeks we have left of this summer! Betty