I'm not sure how many people remember the brief mid 90s craze of "Pogs."

I was in grade 4 when these were the big thing. Mac's was taking advantage of all the hype and released a set of Gretzky Pogs. Each one celebrated a different achievement of The Great One.

I don't remember specifics, but I believe you got a free pog with each Froster purchase.

My mom didn't let me "waste money" on pogs, so the only way I could get them is from a free giveaway like these. I specifically remember sneaking off of the elementary school property at lunch time to go to the Mac's across the field to get these pogs so I could play with friends at recess.

Most pogs of the era were just cartoon pictures, these ones had real pictures...so they were extra cool. I don't think I got the whole set, but I know I had lots. It's a pretty fun memory of Mac's in the 90s!