How to Win Stuff

Many Ways to Win!

Our new website is really great and we're really proud of it -- but what you're likely interested in, is HOW TO WIN STUFF! We thought that might be important so we've included a whole bunch of ways to WIN and we plan to keep updating the site with more ways to WIN PRIZES on a regular basis.

Online Contests

Our new website features a pretty extensive Community Section where you can upload pictures, post videos and write blogs. We want you to participate and we're going to encourage you to do that by posting "Challenges" on a regular basis, and rewarding the most creative entries with AWESOME prizes!

Twitter & Facebook

Are you a Twit-Face already? If not, you might want to consider it, because it's a really easy way to increase your chances of winning. We plan to reward Mac's Facebook Fans and Mac's Twitter Followers with advance notice about contests, hints and tips, possibly even exclusive mini-contest announcements. But...

The biggest reason to follow Mac's on Twitter and Facebook is to get the exclusive Wizards & Dragons Game Game Codes! There will be different codes in each location at different times. 

So watch carefully, and lets have some FUN!

A Few Minor Notes

Have you uploaded a profile picture yet? Winner's aren't really required to have uploaded a profile picture, but it sure makes the site look better and if it were on any of the contest judging panels it's entirely possible that two close entries could be decided by whether or not they've uploaded a profile pic. (It doesn't have to be a picture of you, just something other than the default)

Profile pictures and email list settings can be changed by editing your profile (from the sidebar menu when viewing your profile).

Problems, suggestions, complaints and enthusiastic accolades can be directed to an appropriate Facebook Discussion group.