Winnipeg Froster Street Team

For Sale: slightly used Froster van
2 years 44 weeks ago
Vinyl Tap
2 years 44 weeks ago
Crown Honda Show & Shine
2 years 45 weeks ago
Icelandic Festival Folk-Fest
2 years 47 weeks ago
2 years 47 weeks ago
New Iceland Visitors Centre
2 years 47 weeks ago
2 years 51 weeks ago
Ive always thought that summer deserves its own soundtracks. Somehow, certain song, albums, and even artists only sound...
3 years 43 weeks ago
As far as summers go, I must say, this one went by really fast!V and I are finished Frosterizing Winnipeg TOMORROW! How...
3 years 44 weeks ago
Time for a much needed update!Well, unfortunately, the Winnipeg Froster team was out of commission for the past week...
3 years 47 weeks ago
Veronica and I were thrilled to be invited out to Larters Golf and Country Club for an all day ladies tournament.Let me...
3 years 47 weeks ago
WOW! This summer has been flying by quickly! We have been so fortunate to be having such great weather. Almost every...
3 years 50 weeks ago
The one thing Veronica and I have discovered about being on the Winnipeg Froster Street Team is this - people really...