It seems everywhere you turn your head, whether it be on the internet, tv, in stores, or even on the street, there are advertisements for some kind of giveaway. Growing up I have been constantly bombarded by these "chances to win", so I have never felt inclined to enter any contests. Its always the same - fill out the piece of paper/enter your code online/scratch the label off the cup to win kind of deal. Ill admit, when I get a chance to "scratch the label" or "roll up the rim" I usually do, just because of how easy it is. This is the first contest that actually interests me enough to try.I walked into one of my local Mac's stores with the intention of buying a Froster on a noticably warm day, when I noticed the newest contest Mac's was holding. For some reason I actually became interested! Ive been looking into ModNation Racers for a while now (since it's first announcement about a year ago), I love Frosters, and I have always loved Sony products since I got my first Playstation. As soon as i got home I created an account at, entered mine and my friends codes and have been buying Frosters since.Ive had this same train of thought for my life so far that "i'll never win this contest" or " too many people have probably entered" that I have never even stopped to think: Someone needs to win, entering at least gives me a chance! I just wish I had entered earlier!