Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall

Grab your textbooks and sharpen those pencils — it’s back to school time!

September brings about some mixed feelings, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s sad to stow away the shorts and sandals as we bid farewell to summer. But on the other hand, a brand new school year with all of its exciting opportunities and experiences awaits you! Not to mention you can finally swap fantastic summer stories with all your buddies in class!

Speaking of summer stories, why don’t we tell you ours? We have been very busy these last few months here at Mac’s. The 50th Anniversary Community Celebration Tour was a huge success, as we gave away thousands of dollars in donations to various local community charities. The Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon Froster Street Teams were in full swing, offering free Froster samples at tons of summer’s hottest events! We also introduced a new delicious Froster flavour, Blood Orange — if you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out! And of course we made the most of our summer by offering hot deals on all your Mac’s favourites!

Last but not least, we capped off the summer with a contest of epic proportions. Ever get the feeling your teachers are secretly zombies? Yeah, we thought so too, and we’re here to help. Welcome to Zombie High: The Back 2 School Contest! Until September 16th, spend $5 or more at any Mac’s and enter the contest code found on your receipt at to win cool school-worthy prizes! And stay tuned for our Look the Best, Drink the Best Contest starting September 17th for your chance to win gift cards to all the best back-to-school clothing stores!

Wishing you a fun, productive kick-off to the school year — and hoping your Zombie teachers spend their time molding young minds, rather than eating them!

Happy learning!
The Mac's West Team

Back to the Drawing Board. Literally.

Can you believe that summer is almost over?

While the hot weather was reluctant in showing up, its eventual arrival brought some fantastic days! The urge to buy school supplies has arrived, and families are scrambling to make the most of these last few days for some quality fun.

We here at Mac’s are going to do our best to carry the energy of summer through the entire year with lots of awesome contests, and a new online game that begins mid-October! We want to surprise, delight, and inform all of our Mac’s Peeps with exciting stuff and opportunities to add to the community. So stick with us, and check back often for more! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter… and those who do will have some sweet opportunities with the new game that’s a’comin’.

Happy Autumn!


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