DIY Flip the Lip speakers

DIY Flip the Lip speakers

Have you ever wondered what to do with your Flip the Lip cups once you drink & flip?
Well one awesome Mac's customer came up with a great use for the snazzy green cups!
This DIY ipod speaker is the real deal! Check it out


Hold onto your hats, folks... this is gonna be a great year!

Well it’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone here at MyMacs. Our New Year’s resolution is to ensure that MyMacs continues to bring you lots of fun contests and tons of awesome specials.

Pixar's Lifted

Pixar always does such an amazing job, and this is no exception!!! The sound effects are the bomb so turn up the volume! :o)

Ignore the mirror image part.

Alien Abduction Game

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Back to the Drawing Board. Literally.

Can you believe that summer is almost over?

While the hot weather was reluctant in showing up, its eventual arrival brought some fantastic days! The urge to buy school supplies has arrived, and families are scrambling to make the most of these last few days for some quality fun.

We here at Mac’s are going to do our best to carry the energy of summer through the entire year with lots of awesome contests, and a new online game that begins mid-October! We want to surprise, delight, and inform all of our Mac’s Peeps with exciting stuff and opportunities to add to the community. So stick with us, and check back often for more! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter… and those who do will have some sweet opportunities with the new game that’s a’comin’.

Happy Autumn!


Flavoura Moarialis

Flavoura Moarialis

Colour: Cornflower blue

Ingreds: 1/12th pumpkin spice, 1/8th maple syrup, 1/4th raspberry, 2/4th rhubarb, 4% brown sugar

Hungry? Thirsty? Try both. This flavour is the combination of the flavours that best represent each of Canada's four seasons. Fall's pumpkin pie, winter's maple syrup, spring's rhubarb, and summer's sweet raspberries. You'll never get enough, and you'll always come back looking for moar.

The rhubarb and raspberry froster needs to be acknowledged! The pumpkin spices, maple and additional brown sugar make it amazing!

Click to see my other contest submissions! Hope you like them!

Iced Tea BananzaThe Froster MonsterBaraka Berry Blossom

Oranjo Ginjonjo


Cats nao!




Froster Street Teams

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