Sooo Cool

I used to walk to Macs with my big brother and little sister to beat the heat on hot summer days by getting a Froster.  My sister would always get a Coke Froster and I would get a Sprite or orange pop Froster (if they had it).  I thought my brother was soooo cool the day he had the  "brilliant" idea to mix flavours! 

The Winners of the Trips for 2 to the MMVA are...

Amber Neetz & Beth Dekoker!!!

Amber Neetz
Kelowna, BC
"I want to thank Mac's for this amazing MMVA contest!!!! I received the call that I was chosen as the winner the day before my birthday. Seriously that was the best birthday present ever!!!! I've grown up watching the MMVA's, and remember always wanting to be there. Well now I actually get to go, thanks to you!!!! My sister Amanda and I can't wait to get to Toronto to make some amazing memories together!!!!! Thank you so much again."



Beth Dekoker
Cambridge, ON
"I have never been to an awards show like this, it will be exciting to see many current performers live at the Much Music Video Awards."

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soda supreme

SODA SUPREME, Soda Soda and more Soda amazing !! :)  

Kelowna sees the Torch and Sponsors!

Kelowna sees the Torch and Sponsors!

Coke, an official sponsor of the games, had their decked out promotional truck on the road and it was quite the sight!


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