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Unlikely Samaritan

Unlikely Samaritan

 I went into a Mac's to find a man in the front of the line with the oddest request posed to the attendant. He was at the attached gas bar and found himself without money. He was explaining to the girl working that if she could do something he would come back the next day nd pay her back. I thought "oh, please don't fall to the quick tongue of this guy just smile and say that there is nothing you can do". She spoke up and said, "Well, if I pay for your gas how do I know you will be back?" He said that he would promise. She reached into her jacket in the chair behind her pulled out ten bucks and paid for the guys gas!! I thought you 'just got taken lady'... Two weeks later I was back in the store, the same girl was working and I asked her what happened of the 10 dollars. She said that it was three days but the guy came back and paid her saying he didn't have the money earlier. I have a bit of a different outlook thanks to the Mac's worker. Reminds me from time to time of the old words "Treat others as you would have them treat you."

Pirate Game Car Winner

We just gave away $50,000 in prizes including a brand new Mazda Speed 3 bringing the total prize give-away for the Shiver Me Frosters Pirate Battle Game to $100,000!

Watch the winner here!

See pics of the Mazda Speed 3 winner here

See the $10,000 Dream Holiday winner here

See the $5000 Home Theatre winner here

Thank you to all the Shiver Me Frosters players! Stay tuned this Fall 2010 for an exciting new contest game from Mac's Convenience Stores.

In the meantime, watch for the Froster Street Teams this summer!

Prospective Winner: Mazda 3

Prospective Winner: Mazda 3

 Hi everyone,

I'm not usually into this sort of contest(s). However, I've decided just to give it a try. Who knows, you never know when you might win something.

I would be so delighted if I could win this car, so I can commute from home to college, in the nearby future.

New Mac's Impact Stores

New Mac's Impact Stores

We've been renovating our stores for awhile now but some of you may not have seen the fresh new look we've been giving our "Impact Stores." This is only the tip of the ice-berg. We have lots more pics of several Mac's Stores, and we're going to posting them online so everyone has a chance to see these exciting and newly designed Impact Stores.

Read more about Mac's Convenience Impact Stores

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