Edmonton Froster Street Team

Week of Welcome Carnival

We were so excited to take part in Vimy Ridge Academy's "Week of Welcome Carnival"! The event started in the afternoon and consisted of great music, cotton candy, huge bouncy castles, video games, group activities, and ice cold Frosters. We had over 1,000 kids show up and could barley keep up! Check out this large group of people, waiting to get their hands on a free Froster!

Eastwood Fest

You can never be too old to enjoy a refreshing Froster! These folks had a blast with us at the annual Eastwood Community Festival, they couldn't get enough Frosters and truly brightened our day :)

Abbottsfield Public Library Event

This girl can't wait to get her hands on the delicious cherry SLIME. We had hot weather through the entire day, what a better way to cool off then to have a ice cold Froster!!!

Abbottsfield Public Library Event

Lynda stands proundly beside the EPL flag just after our exciting event in Abbottsfield! Multiple familes and community members came out support their local library and also to try out the new, great tasting Froster flavors! We had an awesome time and really enjoyed this event!!

Beaumont Skateboard Event

Here a shot of the skatepark just as the crowd started to arrive. The refreshing Frosters were a big hit and perfect for drinking after a long day of skateboarding and biking! 

Beaumont Skateboard Event

Frostbite Furious was all setup and ready to go at the Beaumont Skateboard Event! There was a great turnout and kids of all ages came out to participate and compete in an awesome tournament where they could win skateboards, t-shirts, and other cool prizes! There was great weather all day and the Froster Street Team had a great time watching people do all sorts of skate tricks!!

Canadian Paraplegic Association Golf Tourny

Joanne poses with Ryan Smith from the Edmonton Oilers and a few others at the Canadian Paraplegic Associate Golf Tournament! The day consisted of numerous teams of golfers, who all came out to support this amazing cause!

MER Equine Event

 The perfect warm-up requires a cold Froster. Riders enjoyed Frosters on horseback as they warm up for their jumping events at Mind's Eye Ranch.

MER Equine Event

 Riders competing in show and cross country jumping were excited to cool of between events with a sweet Frosters. Riders competed in a three day equine event to show off their skills on horseback. We were thrilled to offer then a treat to celebrate their hard work.

St. Maria Goretti School Event

Kids at the St. Maria Goretti School could not wait to get pizza and FROSTERS on their last day of classes!!! The boys loved the Fanta Blue Raspberry and the Slime Lime. Here are the kids showing off their yummy Frosters! Schools out for the summer!!!!!!

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