When It Matters

When It Matters

I Always have monster at the gym to give me the boost I need when I need it

Back to the Drawing Board. Literally.

Can you believe that summer is almost over?

While the hot weather was reluctant in showing up, its eventual arrival brought some fantastic days! The urge to buy school supplies has arrived, and families are scrambling to make the most of these last few days for some quality fun.

We here at Mac’s are going to do our best to carry the energy of summer through the entire year with lots of awesome contests, and a new online game that begins mid-October! We want to surprise, delight, and inform all of our Mac’s Peeps with exciting stuff and opportunities to add to the community. So stick with us, and check back often for more! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter… and those who do will have some sweet opportunities with the new game that’s a’comin’.

Happy Autumn!



Red Bull has helped me make dozens of red-eye flights for work. Without that extra bit of energy, I'd be fired.Thanks for giving me my wings!!!TS

One beautiful hello!

One beautiful hello!

Ideas of how Mac's can help the environment

Since you ask for real ideas and suggestions on how to help the environment, I thought would try to really think of all the things it takesto run a fine store and business like Mac's in a more green way.  I also have enjoyed lots of Frosters and the good service and products at Mac's. I hope these ideas help.Install LED lights in all your parking lots.Construct your stores and distribution centers with low-emitting materials including: adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, floor systems, composite wood and laminate adhesives.Use Energy efficient commercial equipment.Use High Efficiency HVAC . The heating cooling and ventilating of your stores, centers and offices are likely responsible for more than half of their energy use and costs. (Online Guide to Energy-Efficient Commercial Equipment remote condensing units for refrigeration and ice making equipment.Use day lighting and controls for high efficiency lighting like compact flourescent light bulbs, halogen light bulbs, or LED light bulbs.Use LED lights for interior and exterior signs.Install low flow water fixtures.Use building and decor materials made from sustainable sourcesUse paper napkins that are made from 100 percent recycled materials made with a minimum of 60 percent post consumer recyclables.Have recycle bins to recycle wrappers, napkins, cups and other packaging, cans and bottles.Switch the materials used for the manufacturing of your cutlery and plastic drinking cups from polystyrene to polypropylene. This change will result in an annual resin savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds and will save many thousands of barrels of oil.Use energy efficient windows with high R value for winter to keep heat in and for summer to keep heat out.Use hybrid electric or natural gas or propane or hydrogen fuel cell or biofuel biodiesel vehicles ( your Green Marketing.(82% of Firms Plan to Boost Green Marketing Spending  ) Promote coupons for green products and services in store and in the community.Become LEED certified Silver, Gold or Platinum and advertise it. The Green Building Rating System from from the Canada Green Building Council.,,25,,0,,,10,,,;main,,10,,0, good documentsRead more ideas at a web site Environmental Leader: Energy and Environmental News for Businesshttp://www.environmentalleader.comAttend a conference From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Best Business Practices in Energy Efficiencycoming up on April 6 and 7, 2010 in Chicago. sponsored by The Pew Center on Climate Change

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