Calgary Fire Department!

Froster Street Team was at Erin Woods Stampede Stomp where people enjoyed a pancake breakfast and tons of games :) On a hot day like this the fire department could not resist a froster!

Village Square Teen Night

A perfect way to spend a birthday! These group of kids had a birthday party at village square and the froster truck just happened to be ther :)

Summer Days

Hanging out with our new pals at the spray pad on a HOT HOT HOT day!

Star Wars!

While we were at the Garrison Woods Block Party, the Star Wars clan arrived! What do you know, even they like Frosters!

Bow Island Centennial Parade!

While we were in Bow Island we got to be a part of the parade! There were hundreds of different floats and cars! Me and Kendra got to practice our princess waves :)

Bow Island Centennial Celebration

This picture was taken in Bow Island Alberta (which is near Medicine Hat) It was their centennial and there was a lot of activities going on. We were stationed at the slow pitch tournament! 

Ellen Loves Frosters Too!

Froster Team at Ramsay School Sports Day! The kids had lots of fun running around and when they got tired and needed something to cool them down, the came and enjoyed a nice cold froster! Some people were carrying around ellen masks, so we decided to try them on!

Calgary Greek Fest

No matter how old you are, you are going to want a Froster! Here is Kendra helping our younger kids choose their favourite flavour of Froster!

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