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Anniversary Bash

We have been visiting all of the Mac's stores in Winnipeg this week for the 50th anniversary. Games, food, prizes, drinks, and of course free Frosters!


Hold onto your hats, folks... this is gonna be a great year!

Well it’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone here at MyMacs. Our New Year’s resolution is to ensure that MyMacs continues to bring you lots of fun contests and tons of awesome specials.

Go Canada Go

Drinkin frosters & whatchin my friends play ice hockey were some of the best chill days of my life!!! By the time I graduated, I had cooled off with so many cream soda frosters , I had a pink tongue & they called they called me Frosty Boy!!! Honestly!!!

Mac's and Vancouver 2010

The Cauldron is Lit and Gold has been Won!

As the world's eyes are on Vancouver and all that is happening during the next two weeks, we here at Mac’s want to acknowledge everything that has lead up to this incredible ...

The Torch is coming back to the Coast!

With the Games just around the corner, we are very excited to be able to announce that the Torch is on its way back to the Coast! From February 8 to February 12, there will 16 different Mac's Convenience Stores passed by the Torch. All of these locations will have FREE Canadian flags and Inukie Cookies, and some lucky customers will be given a toque featuring me, PIP!* Come on out to one of our locations to cheer on Canadian athletes and ...

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