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Holiday Cash Contest

Holiday Cash Contest

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Down to the Christmas Wire

Down to the Christmas Wire

A Last Minute Thought or Two

It is great that so many people are trying to be green this Christmas. My neighbourhood is chock full of LED lights, and my inbox with eCards and Christmas eLetters.

For those last minute shoppers, remember to take your reusable bags to the mall to cut down on waste. Consider wrapping your purchases in normal paper (which of course you can decorate liberally), newspaper, or pages out of a magazine. Don’t use tissue paper at all and hang on to gift bags for next year.

And lastly, if you just can’t come up with the perfect gift for someone, perhaps you should buy a Christmas goat to feed a family in a less-privileged country or adopt a whale. There are a lot of opportunities to help those in need this Christmas, and for the person that has everything, that might just be the ticket.

Check out these sites for unique Christmas ideas:

Send a Christmas Goat
Adopt Wildlife
Adopt a Whale
Adopt a Tree

Have a great Holiday everyone! We’ll see you in the New Year!

Eva Bayes

To All A Happy Holiday!

To All A Happy Holiday!

The End of Another Year

We just celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary of, and we would like to thank the many of you who have made the website your web site. As we look ahead to the New Year, we have yet another great online game in the works to be launched in February. We are looking at new and improved programming to make your Mac's experience even more positive, and will keep you returning often throughout your day

The gang here at Mac's wishes each of you the very best during the Holidays. Enjoy your friends and family as we welcome in 2011!


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