Bubble Trouble

Bubble guns are a lot like real guns, but instead of violence and death, they bring laughter and smiles.

TELUS JDRF Walk for the Cure!

A beautiful day to Walk for the Cure! Teams in colors and costumes were enjoying Frosters before and after their walk, especially the Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi Tango flavour! The sugar free option brought many smiles to those who rarely get to enjoy such a slush drink. Nothing beat the heat like a Crystal Light Froster!

Summerland Action Festival!

Another great weekend at the Action Festival in Summerland, BC! The Froster machines were working their hardest to feed the participants of the Giants Head 5k and 10k run at the finish line. The runners were looking for nothing more than an ice cold Froster to reward them after their race. The slo-pitch teams were enthusiastic and appreciative as always as we visited the various baseball diamonds.

My mac's minecraft store entry!

Heres my macs store, it took me a while to make, the art is done pixel by pixel, if you need any other recordings or information, please let me know (       Il be checking often, :D

"Mac's" - A MyMac's Minecraft Contest Entry

My entry for the MyMac's Minecraft Convenience Store Replica contest, done in completely vanilla Minecraft, using the default texture pack on Creative mode.

An image of the Map View is at the end, inclues main entrance, two loading areas, three bay garage doors, staff room, staff washroom, public washroom, Froster machine, coffee area, and a small Canada Post outlet. Complete with Staff!

Canada Day Parade & Mac's!

 I remember watching the Canada Day Parade & getting a Slush puppy afterwards to cool off. This photo is from 2008 in Stratford in front of Mac's on Huron St. with the shriners racing about. Great memories! - Thanks Mac's!

Macs Everyday

Macs, the store thats open... always

Froster Street Team at Moxie's Golf Tournament

Free frosters, gold, beautiful weather and the awesome management staff of Moxie's Classic Grill is a recipe for a great day!

Froster Street Team helps Fundraiser for Victoria Renegades

The Vancouver Froster Street Team made a special stop on their way to the Island Summer Games in Victoria in August. The Victoria Renegades Football team was having a fundraising car wash, and we were in desperate need of a clean, so we swapped some Free Frosters coupons for a car wash, talk about a good deal!

Abbotsford Recreation Centre Fun Fair

 Our first event of the summer season was at the Abbotsford Recreation Centre Fun Fair, where the line up for a Froster was only rivaled by the one for the ladies washroom.

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