Graper: Froster Entry

Froster Name: Graper

Froster Color: Purple Redish

Froster Ingredients: 1/3 red grapes, 1/3 purple grapes, 1/3 green grapes,may add a tint of honey or lime,also maybe some yellow grapes making it 1/4 each kind of grape

This is Perfect for grape lovers. Instead of going to the store and buyin 3 kinds of grapes come to macs and buy this slurpee. This slurpee offers an all in one advantage and yet still tastes great. If I was anybody I know I'd put this in all my slurpeeS!



Frosters Name: Mandrape Laserryberry Sunrise

Colour: Light Maroon

Ingredients: 1/3 Grape 1/3 orange 1/4 lime 1/6 strawberry 1/6 raspberry

Why this is AWESOMENESS: it is the prefect blend of amazing flavourness and colour, its just awesome it would be great on a hot or cold day to


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