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Penny Candy

"Sweet" memories of going to the Mac's after a morning of swimming lessons with my friends for some much deserved "Penny Candy".  Yes, you young ones, candy was once a penny each and for 25 cents we felt on top of the world...and oh how patient the wonderful attendants were at Macs as we counted out our pennies!

Happy Anniversary! Kerry


this is going to bw awesome and for games:)



Green Machine

The green machine has made the rounds through three boys; the stories it could tell you.  This ride has taken her fair share of nicks and scrapes and heard some laughter and tears along the way.  There hasn't been a puddle to stop her yet. However, she has been outgrown, her wee size has her just sitting on the bench watching the game.   A full-size SWEEEEET Raleigh 18 speed bike would fit the bill and keep the boys creating trailblazing stories as boys should be. 

great contest

what a great contest just to be able to see the red bull fighters..



This Hawaiian flavour favourite is known for that sweet, yet slightly tangy taste of Mango and Strawberry, as well as the unique taste of Coconut. This drink calls the sunny Hawaii beaches home and has proven itself as THE taste of summer. Try one with ice cream, and make it a super-summer treat for yourself!

Whether you're pretending to be in the tropics, or just want a Froster, the ZOMG Lava is always paradise.

Froster Flava Name: ZOMG Lava

Froster Colour: Orangy-red. (about #FF2F0A hex code used for precision)

Ingredients: 1.5/3 Coconut, .5/3 Mango, 1/3 Strawberry

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