Rice Krispies Big Bar Contest

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Upload a picture or a drawing of YOUR bike (example below) to MyMacs.ca and tell us WHY you should WIN one of these awesome EXTREME Mountain Bikes from Rice Krispies Squares Big Bar


GRAND PRIZE: There are four (4) Raleigh 18 Speed Red Bikes to be WON and that means that there will be one Grand Prize WINNER in each of these four (4) provinces -- British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba! The approximate retail value of the Raleigh 18 Speed Mountain Bike is $1,100.

2nd PLACE PRIZE: One (1) lucky contestant will receive one previously unopened box of Kellogg's® Rice Krispies®! The approximate retail value of the  Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® box is $6.

3rd PLACE PRIZE: One slightly-less priviledged contestant will WIN a single, 100% AWESOME Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® Squares Big Bar - store bought and vacuum sealed! The approximate retail value of the  Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® Squares Big Bar is $1.50.


The information here and above constitute the Contest Particulars for the "Rice Krispies Big Bar" contest. You must have a MyMacs account to participate. See Contest Rules and Regulations as posted for full set of Rules and Regulations which are incorporated here by reference. Contest Period runs from July 19, 2010 to ? ?, 2010. All Prizes must be claimed within 2 weeks of the contest deadline date. Skill testing question that must be answered correctly to win and claim your prize: 8 + (2 x 9) - 6. See above for prize details. The prize might not be exactly as shown.
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This is my bike. It was originally my brothers and has definitely seen better days. I have some balance issues but persist in riding my bike anyway. There is a narrow bridge going across a swamp close to my parents' place and it is faster than going all the way around the swamp. This is kind of embarassing to say here in a public forum, but I lost my balance at the height of the bridge. And I fell in. I did manage to pull myself and my bike out of the swamp, but because I ran into the house to wash the itchy muck out of my shorts, my bike ended up sitting in that guck for a while... err... also known as a month. When I finally did get back to it, it had started rusting and ended up in the state you can see above. If you think this story entitles me to a new bike, I promise that I will not ride over the bridge in the swamp. And if I do and fall in, I promise I won't leave my bike to stew in swamp goo for a month. And if I do that too, I promise I won't blame you. Thanks for considering me!