I would make a great Froster Street Team Member because I have energy to spare. I don’t require coffee to fuel up in the morning because I’m already bouncing off the walls. It is true though, that a Froster in the afternoon definitely helps keep me going. I have the gift of gab and the ability to charm, which is fantastic because I love meeting new people and making new friends. My endless pool of energy also means that I am always in a remarkably good mood and that I can, and do, always know what’s going on in Vancouver. My friends look to me to find the parties and events and MACs can expect the same top shelf information that I provide them with.  

I have never been afraid of long hours, early mornings, or late nights. I’m in top notch shape from my dodgeball team and running so I can easily lift 50 pounds or more; obviously very impressive. Also, I am also good at staying on top of things without supervision, I get the job done.

On the career side of things, I have over five years of marketing experience in promotions and events and know how to deal with sticky situations. I have represented numerous companies and have been requested by these clients to come back in the future. I know Vancouver backwards and forwards, the companies and people within them, where the people are, what events are happening ,and all the dirty little details that make me a life saver to have around.




Ode to a Froster:


Syrup and ice,

It’s everything nice,

All the colours swirl in a row

It’s the Froster show!

Grab a cup,

And fill it up

Some like to mix

Their sweet flavour fix

While others prefer

A Froster so pure

Winter, spring, summer and fall

Frosters for one, Frosters for all!