Ever since I was a little boy I loved Froster's. It was what my mom craved constantly while she was pregnant with me, and at a young age I fell in love with them myself. Usually mooching off my older sisters or my parents when they got one!

Before Mac's had the winking owl, this was probably about 1987 they had a cat as their mascot. He was red and was on all of the signs, much like the owl is now. I would have been 2 in 1987 so I couldn't say many words, but I knew that the cat meant frosters! Everytime we passed a Mac's, I'm told that I would go "meow, meow" basically as my way of saying "look, there's the froster place...lets go get some mom!" That Mac's cat meant happiness to me.

It was a couple years later that my parents entered me in a contest at a Mac's store, and won me a HUGE (especially to me at the time) 4 foot tall stuffed Mac's Cat. I loved that thing so much, if it was smaller I'd have taken it with me everywhere.

Now I am 26, and I was recently driving around with my 2 year old niece. She saw the Mac's owl sign and started going "HOOOOO HOOOOOO." She knows what a froster is too...it just runs in the family! We love Mac's!