Three Words, Bananas & Berries... First of all, Banana is one of the greatest slurpees of all time. Im always happy to see it up in Macs. But This wont be any ordinary Banana Slurpee, Nor will it be a ordinary berry slurpee. Im hoping to combine them both instead of doing it the old Fasion way. Taking a straw and barely mixing them. Im hoping to make a sort of blue or green color from this slurpee as it will be combining 50%BANANAS, and the rest divided up by these 3 berrys; strawberrys, blueberrys, and rasberrys.Im hoping this will solve my Berry desires for life.This will cool anyones day and its breathtaking appearance is enought to take my eyes away.                                                                                              Froster Flavor Name: Ban-erry Blast(Preferably) or Banana Berry Chiller. Since Bananas are technically a berry. BerFlava Froster                                                                                             Froster Color: Green or Blue, How it basically turns out.                                                                                           Ingredients: 50% Bananas flava, Other 50% of the Berries I listed This will be a awesome slurpee to cool down to and just slurp when chilling in the summers heat.