Blackberries, pomegranate, cherry and vanilla. Oh my God can you ask for anything more than that? Here's what I'm thinking. 1/3 blackberry, 1/3 tart pomegranate, 1/4th cherry and the rest (9%) vanilla extract. UGH. If I made a list of 100 things I'd die for, this would be one of them. Now given that this is a more conservative flavour, I'm going to level with you. I have about 4 other flavour entries, each more ridiculous in one way or the other than the last. So before you decide that THIS is the flava contest winner (which it is), look through those too. I've listed them below.

Name: Baraka Berry Blossom

Colour: YELLOW! Like the sunshine we all love.

Ingreds: (as mentioned) 1/3 blackberry, 1/3 tart pomegranet, 1/4th cherry and 9% vanilla extract.

If chosen, I pledge that my flavour will become a summer favourite among all of us dehydrated, outdoorsy, summer-loving people. You can't go wrong with Baraka Berry Blossom. It's just the perfect flavour! But hey, don't take it from me. Taste it for yourself.


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