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Making an Impression

In the early 90's, we launched an innovative redesign concept in response to extensive consumer research. This strategy, the Impact Store Concept, focuses our efforts on tailoring our stores to meet the needs of our customers in their communities and becoming an intrinsic part of the neighbourhoods we service. This encompasses reacting to trends, offering the right product mix and pricing, service delivery, and differentiation in interior design and merchandising using a diversified blend of the latest materials to highlight the local market's distinctive character.

The Impact Store Concept allows us to continually evolve and stay competitive as leaders in the convenience store channel. This initiative generated on an individual store development process, reinforces the strength of the Mac's trademark by addressing the uniqueness of each market. Our ability to act and react quickly to new situations gives us a versatility not found in conventional corporate environments.

The following criteria is taken into account when creating a new Impact Store:

  • The neighbourhood is assessed to take into account schools, malls, community centers, and access to public transportation.
  • The demographic of the area is identified, whether single family dwellings, apartments, or condos, as this impacts the merchandise offerings of the proposed location.
  • Competitors are determined.
  • Store theme is chosen based on the demographics or architectural style of the neighbourhood.
  • Floor plans are developed based on the size of location, exterior elevation, and food service or branded partner offerings.