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Treats for a treat


I want a treat too

Dogs get treats and so do people


The "m" stands for mmmmmmmmm

2014 Limited Edition Froster Tees


We are ecstatic to be able to offer Limited Edition Froster T-shirts for sale this year ONLINE! If you’re a Frosterophile, make sure to grab yours while it’s still available! Once they're gone, they're gone!

T-rex Hearts Frosters

In another epic visual tragedy, T-rex fails again. Not only can’t he do push-ups, make his bed or hug other T-rexes, he also can’t drink his perfectly chilly Froster! Show him some love and proudly wear his squishy visage on your chest. *High five, T-rex!* Oh wait. You can’t do that without your head getting in the way either.

No Longer Only Light Up a Room Just By Leaving It!

This is your chance to shine. During the day. Because the Froster bulb doesn’t actually glow. Keep the dream alive.