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Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day Ideas


Mother’s Day is just about here, and children everywhere (and the husbands who are supposed to be helping them) are in danger of waking up this Sunday morning without a clue!

Protect yourself from forgot-mothers-day-itis with these four quick and easy suggestions courtesy of Mac’s. Whether you get moving today, tomorrow or one hour before she wakes up, we’ve got your back with these last minute ideas.



When you think Mother’s Day you probably think breakfast in bed, but if you don’t have the time or ingredients for a fancy meal, we’ve got you covered. Grab a cup of premium coffee or Tropicana orange juice, an orange or banana, and a warm breakfast croissant (all available fresh from your local Mac’s—hint, hint)!



Take Mom out for a candy smorgasbord! Everyone can choose their 3 favourite goodies and share them with each other. This is also the perfect chance for the kids to treat Mom for a change!



Is your Mom a Lottery Mom? (If she is, you'll probably know it!) Just imagine if your Mother's Day gift made her a millionaire! Even if it doesn't, the anticipation is half the fun with lottery tickets.



Walk or drive your Mom down to Mac’s for a Froster Swirl (Froster + ice cream = maybe the best thing ever) and then stroll around and enjoy the sunshine, get a mani-pedi or just catch up. Is the Froster Swirl the gift or is it the time spent with you? The answer is yes.



Do your kids need a bit of help with a gift? We've made things easier for you AND them by creating these handy coupons that can be printed out and personalized! Click here to download the PDF!

Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day Ideas with Mac's


There is still some time before panic sets in and you end up getting Dad something last minute. Here are a few ideas to help get you started — there's a range of easy to more difficult!



Are Dad's snacks always being eaten by other people? We've attached a handy snack tag PDF that can be printed on adhesive paper or normal paper (then grab the tape) so that Dad can label his special treats. This could be a nice additional to whatever else you're doing or getting for him!



Does Dad love his candy? Grab a tackle box or plastic craft box and fill it with his favourite Mac's Favourites! From Gummi Sharks and Peach Rings to Gummi Worms and Cherry Sours, we've got you covered! Don't forget to really personalize it with a custom label for the top.



Does your Dad love, love, love chocolate bars? If so, this might be the perfect card/gift all in one! Get creative, and customize it to suit your Dad!



We thought this project was cool, but you'll definitely need to be VERY careful with the sharp edges, adhesive materials and sealant.*

What you'll need:
• tin snips
• 4x4 tiles (can be purchased individually at Home Depot or like store)
• pop cans (1 for every coaster you want to make)
• silicone
• paper towel or rag
• clear varnish, epoxy or sealant that adheres to tile and aluminum
• furniture felt pads or felt squares and glue
• approximately 2-3 days

After rinsing your pop cans, VERY CAREFULLY cut off the top and bottom of the cans with tin snips — ensure that you are keeping as much of the label as possible for best results. The edges will be extremely sharp, so be carefully about handling these and the pieces that have been removed. Cut down the seam of the can, and cut a square section to fit the 4x4 tile. Optimally, some of the tile will show around the sides so that you can eliminate the sharp edges.

Put silicone on the back of the aluminum can square (around edges as well as across the middle) and press onto the top of the tile. Thoroughly wipe away excess silicone that will squeeze out with a warm, damp paper towel or rag. For best results, place a piece of paper or paper towel on top of the coaster, and stack heavy books on the tile(s) for 8-12 hours. The pop can labels may have a slight crinkle to them, but that just adds personality.

When the silicone is dry, apply the varnish, epoxy or sealant across the top and on the edges of the coaster to keep the labels from scratching or cutting anything or anyone. Follow the drying directions on the varnish/epoxy/sealant packaging.

Once the coasters are dry, place the felt pads on the bottom to keep from scratching surfaces, and viola! You have a set of man cave coasters!


*Only recommended to be made by responsible teens and parents. Some aspects of this project require caution.