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FREE Coffee for a Year WINNERS!


We are please to announce the winners of this fun contest!

1. George J. from North Vancouver, BC
2. Cathy C. from Bon Accord, AB
3. Linda W. from Surrey, BC
4. Erika B. from High River, AB
5. Janice C. from Lorette, MB
6. Bob O. from Winnipeg, MB
7. Stephanie R. from Calgary, AB
8. Andrew B. from Winnipeg, MB
9. Caley L. from Calgary, AB
10. Constance S. from Victoria, BC
11. Colleen W. from Winnipeg, MB
12. Linda A. from Surrey, BC
13. Carole D. from Red Deer, AB
14. Penny G. from Campbell River, BC
15. Vivian M. from Calgary, AB
16. Roger S. from Surrey, BC
17. Myles O from Winnipeg, MB
18. Penny R. from Victoria, BC
19. Debbie S. from Wetaskiwin, AB
20. Dan P. from Regina, SK
21. Karri Q. from Calgary, AB
22. Ivy P. from Seven Sisters, MB
23. Paula R. from Winnipeg, MB
24. Ilse S. from Victoria, BC
25. Karen C. from Komarno, MB
26. Bryan C. from Vancouver, BC
27. Jack N. from Regina, SK
28. Tara F. from Winnipeg, MB

Mac's Favorites


We are excited to introduce our very own brand called Mac's Favorites! Find these great tasting products at lower prices than comparable national name brand items. Give them a try today!

*Prices may vary in select locations.

DIY Flip the Lip speakers

Have you ever wondered what to do with your Flip the Lip cups once you drink & flip?
Well one awesome Mac's customer came up with a great use for the snazzy green cups!
This DIY ipod speaker is the real deal! Check it out

2014 Limited Edition Froster Tees


We are ecstatic to be able to offer Limited Edition Froster T-shirts for sale this year ONLINE! If you’re a Frosterophile, make sure to grab yours while it’s still available! Once they're gone, they're gone!

T-rex Hearts Frosters

In another epic visual tragedy, T-rex fails again. Not only can’t he do push-ups, make his bed or hug other T-rexes, he also can’t drink his perfectly chilly Froster! Show him some love and proudly wear his squishy visage on your chest. *High five, T-rex!* Oh wait. You can’t do that without your head getting in the way either.

No Longer Only Light Up a Room Just By Leaving It!

This is your chance to shine. During the day. Because the Froster bulb doesn’t actually glow. Keep the dream alive.

Mac's Motorsports: Check out this ride!