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Mac's Convenience Stores are owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard, the largest convenience store operator in Canada. While primarily operating under the Alimentation Couche-Tard and Mac's trademarks here in Canada, the American market is predominately run under the trandemark of Circle K. The average store size is 3,000 square feet. There is a network of 5,906 convenience stores, 4,122 of which include gas pumps located in 11 large geographic markets across North America. More than 52,000 people are employed through the Alimentation Couche-Tard retail convenience network and service centers.


Our Mac’s is Your Mac’s

Mac's Convenience Stores is recognized for its strong food service brands, Seattle's Best Coffee, and of course our icy cold, flavour abundant Frosters. Added to the new brands available in many of our locations is our certification in food service handling – part of a quality assurance commitment to our customers.

Mac’s uses a variety of mutually beneficial partnerships to create convenient, centralized locations that service the needs of each neighbourhood. In fact, all new locations will either have a food service offering, a gas bar, or both. Our potential food service partners (depending on location) include Subway, Quizno’s, Taco Del Mar, Sarpino’s Pizza, A&W, M&M’s and others. Our gas bars come from major oil company partnerships such as Petro Canada and Esso. Plus we carry our own brand of Mac’s Gas. We also have Canada Post outlets in several locations, which adds to the “destination value” of our stores.

Our innovative store design and merchandising is second to none. Plus, we’re committed to providing the kind of comfortable and convenient shopping experience that will keep our customers coming back – whether that’s in-store seating to enjoy a beverage or a meal, or quick service when you’re on the go. We’re here when and where our customers need us.


Mac’s, Your Community & You

We believe that people are a critical part of the Mac’s brand. So we’ve fostered a culture which educates, inspires and empowers all our people to “Do the right thing” for everyone in Mac’s world. Mac’s has a strong focus on training and motivation. That’s one of the reasons why, in the end, we can pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience in the convenience industry. And why we will sustain continued growth and leadership in the marketplace.


History of Mac’s Convenience Stores

The first Mac’s store was opened in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1961. Eleven years later with 375 convenience stores across Ontario, Silverwoods purchased Mac’s. The name of Mac’s Milk Ltd. was changed in 1975 to Mac’s Convenience Stores Ltd. and another 43 stores were opened. Expansion into British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in 1983 brought the total number of stores  up to 700. Three years later, Mac’s acquired the chain of Mike’s Mart Convenience Stores in Northern Ontario and could proudly claim 825 locations. Corporate restructuring in 1992 created a new focus on smaller and more profitable retail stores. After acquiring Becker’s Convenience Stores in Ontario and selling its US Stores, Mac’s marked its thirty-fifth anniversary with 1004 stores. A new milestone was reached in 1999. Alimentation Couche-Tard acquired Mac’s and became the largest national convenience store network in Canada – a distinction it can still proudly boast today. From 2001 to 2004, Couche-Tard launched into the US market with the acquisition of Johnson Oil Company assets, Dairy Milk stores, and Circle K stores. Couche-Tard has been counted as the second largest convenience store chain in North America since 2007.

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