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Break out of the long line of your drive-thru habit and grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee in record time at your neighbourhood Mac’s! For lunch, you’ll love our selection of fresh sandwiches, burritos and calzones. Among our options is everyone’s favourite, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

Hot Dogs & Smokies

Our Hot Diggity Dogs and Smokie Joes are made with the finest ingredients and seasoned to perfection. Not to mention all of the amazing toppings we offer for FREE: chili, cheese, hot pepper rings, salsa and jalapenos just to name a few, and of course your standard ketchup, mustard and relish. Make it your own and crush your hunger!

Corn Dogs

Crunchy honey-flavoured batter and a meaty frank – there is no better combination! Just like your amusement park favourite, our corn dogs are the satisfying snack you crave.

Tornados & Taquitos

These battered taquitos are made with fresh beef, chicken, peppers, spices and real cheese and then wrapped in tortillas that are fresh-baked every day in Ruiz Foods’s bakery. Did we mention they’re also dipped in batter for that satisfying layer of crunch and deliciousness?

Premium Coffee

We absolutely LOVE our Premium Coffee! The coffee beans are roasted to perfection and it is fresh every time you grab a cup, so perk up your day with a cup or two! House Blend, Dark Roast, and Decaf available all day long at any your neighbourhood Mac’s.

Simply Great Coffee

At our locations, you’ll find the best coffee beans and an amazing new high quality coffee machines designed to grind, brew and froth each cup to perfection with one simple push of a button. Enjoy a new coffee experience while choosing between a hot espresso, delicious latte, mochaccino or house blend with a richer and more robust taste.

Froster Swirl

You know and love Froster already, the frozen indulgence from Mac’s in all your favourite flavours. But what if we told you that now at select stores, you can add creamy soft-serve ice cream to your Froster? Correctomundo! It’s the latest and greatest in summer cool down technology.

Polar Pop

One price. Any size. Special stay-cold cups. Over 20 flavours. Need we say more? Well, let’s just say that our Polar Pop will fix your pop craving! Choose from crushed or cubed ice, pour one of over twenty flavours on top, and keep it cold with our foam cups. It’s the ultimate in thirst-quenching paradise.

Oh yeah, and did we mention it’s just one price for any size?!

Flavour selection varies by store.

Mac's Favourites

We're proud of our ever expanding Mac's Favourites line. With water, soft drinks, kettle chips, candy, batteries, wind shield wiper fluid, oil, tissue, and paper towel, we have a ton of great products to meet your needs!

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